One day, leafing through a book about different countries, I came across a description of Hungary. Vivid photographs beautifully illustrated every moment that is written in the leaflet. I literally fell in love with this country. I really wanted to go there. When my husband came home from work, I told him about my desire to go to this country. He replied that he had been there a few years ago and he really liked Hungary and all its attractions. He promised to join me because I told him that I couldn’t go without him. We booked flight tickets to Hungary and the hotel room online Luxury Link Coupon the following weekend. This would be an unforgettable journey, I guess. I decided to learn more about Hungary and its attractions. I took the book and started reading, visualizing myself already there. Hungary is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The country is named for the ethnonym of the people – Hungarians. Hungary has a rich history. Hungary is divided into 19 counties (regions) and the city of republican subordination, equated to the county - Budapest. The names of counties and their administrative centers, as a rule do not match. Hence so many attractions are in this country. The territory of Hungary is predominantly flat terrain. Most of it is located on the Middle-plain. The situation in Hungary is surrounded by mountains has caused a continental type of climate with mild winters and hot summers. All the rivers in Hungary belong to the basin of the Danube. Sam Danube crosses the country from north to south for 410 km. The largest lake - Lake Balaton in Hungary is an attraction and an important international tourist center. Heviz is Europe's largest thermal lake of origin. It is located near it, mud-bath resort is there. Vegetation significantly altered by man in Hungary. Cultural vegetation - arable land, orchards, vineyards, dominates most of the territory. The forests have been preserved in the mountains, and occupy about 20% of the territory. Hungary is a country with a booming economy, market changes of it is almost completed. The country keeps the traditions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and adopt practice from Turkish invaders. Hungarians sadly joke that their liberators forgotten to leave the country, but the regular dominance of foreigners allowed creating a culture that combine the best experience of diverse peoples. Hungarians still appreciate the positive foreign influence, as reflected in the attractions and architecture of Budapest.